Public reaction on ISPR newly released song on Kashmir –

ISPR New song on Kashmir

Pakistani public reaction on ISPR song is going against the Pakistan Army. People on social media taunting ISPR and making extreme comments on the institution. Putting their disappointing words on social media may become a good day for India.  As they already want to see Pakistanis hate their Army. It can be a good day … Read more

Why are Turkish Dramas more successful than Pakistani Dramas?

Turkish Dramas more Successful

Here we will discuss the success of the Turkish drama series, and see ” Why are Turkish dramas more successful than Pakistani dramas”. Let’s start with the Pakistani drama industry. It seems that the Pakistani Drama industry running out of New content. We have seen that Pakistani TV production particularly PTV in the 1990s produced … Read more

Pakistan after the Coronavirus Pandemic

Pakistan after Coronavirus

Pakistan is facing a catastrophic economic impact of the current lockdown in place due to the COVID-19. The Federal Government’s lack of immediate planning and response to the outbreak has led to the situation getting out of hand, and the country’s already strained economy is suffering even more. The daily wagers have to resort to … Read more

How to write a Blog Post that generates 40000+ Visitors

40000+ Visitors

Here I’m going to share with you a formula to write a blog post that can generate 40000+ visitors. How to write a perfect blog post? How to write a blog post from start to end. The formula that I’m going to share with you works for many types of the blog like B2C, B2B, … Read more

Earn 1M Dollars | Video Games can make you Millionaire or Zero

Earn 1M Dollars

Today we’ll talk about the most recognized and popular video games, that can make you millionaires or zero. How is it possible? In this period one who has facilities of the Internet and A Quality PC with best processors at home can turn his game playing passion or skills to make money online. | Profitable … Read more

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