Why are Turkish Dramas more successful than Pakistani Dramas?

By | June 21, 2020

Here we will discuss the success of the Turkish drama series, and see ” Why are Turkish dramas more successful than Pakistani dramas”. Let’s start with the Pakistani drama industry. It seems that the Pakistani Drama industry running out of New content. We have seen that Pakistani TV production particularly PTV in the 1990s produced much comprehensive and appreciable content. Several artists, producers, and directors ruled over the Pakistani production in that era. But now we believe that Pakistani production running out of sensible scriptwriters and directors. But it is still better than Indian content.

Pakistani TV broadcasted many famous dramas like, Khuda ke Basti, Dhoop kinaaray, parchaiyain, Anik wala Jin, Alpha Bravo Charile , Dhuwwan , Dastaan, and most Recent Hit were Khaani & Mere pas Tum ho.

In the 1990s where the Pakistani Drama series was highly demanded. The only Dramas that kept PTV ahead. Even there was a time when Pakistani television PTV on decline.  It’s the sheer carelessness that destroyed the PTV.

As a government institution- PTV’s biggest strength was its biggest weakness. At a time when audiences were demanding more color on their screens than standard content, PTV was disappointing the audience by not keeping up with the changing times. They stick to traditional sets and contents until they are considered obsolete and give viewers more reason to switch. PTV’s screens remained in the 1980s as its competitors entered the digital age.

What TV dramas have achieved today would not have been possible without PTV. The world has moved on, embraced technological advances, and is eyeing international platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Making up for the lost time is a chore for PTV and other Pakistani TV channels, but there’s probably a lesson to be learned from it: once again, to make room for yourself, it’s best to follow the steps of private channels.

Turkey has become the world’s fastest-growing broadcaster of television series, currently surpassing both Mexico and Brazil as the world’s second-largest exporter of television series after the United States. Turkish television dramas are among the longest in the world, lasting between 120 and 150 minutes in each episode.

Turkey ranks second in the world in TV distribution after the United States, with the largest audiences in Russia, China, Korea, and Latin America. Currently, Chile is Daisy’s largest consumer in terms of the number of shows sold, while Mexico, then Argentina, pays the most to buy them.

The Turkish series on history becoming more popular not only in Muslim countries but also in non-Muslim countries. Pakistan’s Television’s Youtube channel almost had no existence but when PTV decided to air the Turkish most famous series based on character Ertugrul Ghazi who led the foundation of s Muslim state carried by his son Osman and named Ottoman Empire. PTV start uploading Urdu dubbing content on the newly created Youtube channel. The channel got millions of subscribers and views in a very short time and still getting more. It also revived the PTV.

Turkish production budget and investment much more than any Pakistani production. That’s why Turkish production becoming successful. They moved on technological advances and put their content on the international platform like Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime. That is the reason the Turkish drama industry and historical series more successful than Pakistani production.

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