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Pakistan after the Coronavirus Pandemic

Pakistan is facing a catastrophic economic impact of the current lockdown in place due to the COVID-19. The Federal Government’s lack of immediate planning and response to the outbreak has led to the situation getting out of hand, and the country’s already strained economy is suffering even more. The daily wagers have to resort to… Read More »

Real Online Earning Methods in Pakistan |5 Methods that 100% work

Today I will show you the Real Online Methods in Pakistan to make money online without any investment. What to do? and from where to start? is very important. These are 100% practical and real methods that will work. Even if you don’t have any expertise or skills and experience. The need is only your… Read More »

Once again India accuses Pigeon of spying for Pakistan

India once again accuses Pigeon of spying for Pakistan, officials joke on social media Tensions on the border between India and Pakistan are not uncommon. Every day we read and hear news of firing in the news from both sides violating the Line of Control. But it would be surprising if even innocent birds were… Read More »