Mastering Self-Control: An Essential Guide for Beginners

Self-control allows directing thoughts and behaviors towards constructive long-term goals rather than acting on impulsive urges delivering only short-term gratification. Physically, selfcontrol correlates with brain activity in the prefrontal cortex overriding primal rewards cravings controlled by the limbic system. Mastering self-motivation prepares individuals resisting distraction tendencies sabotaging aspirations for healthier lifestyles, financial independence and deepened … Read more

Demystifying Integrated Business Planning:An Essential Guide for Beginners

Developing collaborative strategies aligning finances, operations and talent development is crucial for enterprises seeking peak performance. Integrated business planning (IBP) provides a structured approach interconnecting these priorities for smarter goal setting and execution. This beginner’s guide explains fundamental IBP concepts while outlining key benefits for bharnessing smarter unified strategies surpassing siloed functions. Let’s examine how … Read more

Positive Psychology: Science-Based Ways to Boost Happiness

Feeling stressed or down? Positive psychology aims to help people build more joy, purpose and optimism in their daily lives. Keep reading to learn research-backed tips to lift your mood naturally. What is Positive Psychology? Positive psychology focuses on human strengths and potential rather than just managing problems. The goal is to help people flourish … Read more

Internship Weekly Marketing Activities |Pharma Company

Internship Weekly Marketing Activities

I began my temporary position in October. My reporting time in the organization was from 9:30 am – 4:00 pm I was approached to report the organization premises at a definite 9:30 am. I met with the marketing manager. The man who is heading the marketing department of the company. On my first day, I … Read more