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PMC New Admission Regulations for 2020-2021

PMC Admission Regulations 2020-2021 Following PMC New Admission regulations are Approved and Promulgated on 2nd October 2020 by Secretary, Medical & Dental Council Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). Pursuant to the powers vested in the Medical and Dental Council under Section 8(2)(f) of the Pakistan Medical Commission Act, 2020 the Council hereby promulgates these PMC Admission… Read More »

PMC blacklisted Kyrgyzstan Medical colleges and universities|PMC Meeting

Pakistan Medical Commission PMC blacklisted Kyrgyzstan medical colleges and universities. PMC in its 1st council meeting held on 3 Oct. 2020. PMC discusses the International Admissions and said, students seeking admissions in foreign medical institutes currently would be doing at their risk and cost pending verification of these foreign colleges. PMC made a decision on… Read More »