Basic Requirments for Adsense Approval for a Blog

One of the basic purposes of a blogger to get AdSense approval on his website. As he wants to earn through blogging (writing articles). Many of us start with the free blogger website of google called and make a blog with free hosting and domain. But domain includes name includes Blogspot in its URL. | Basic Requirments for Adsense Approval

To get AdSense on Blogspot is difficult as compared to other web blogs like WordPress website by purchasing .com Domain and Hosting. But I’ll share with you the requirements for both types of blogs one by one.

For Blogspot

For Blogspot Blog, you should have at least 30 posts and each post should be 300 words or more. Prefer 1000 words for each.

  • There should be no copyrighted content like images and other media.
  • Your blog must have a Privacy policy, Contact us, About us and Terms and conditions pages.
  • It should be 6 months old and have some daily audience (Traffic). OR 2000 to 3000 views monthly.
  • Ensure that there no other ad network on your blog.
  • You should install the best and most popular theme.

After these requirements, you can link your blog with AdSense and can get AdSense approval easily.

For WordPress ( By buying Domain and Hosting)

When you purchase a hosting and domain then it becomes easier to get AdSense approval for your website. Its requirements are simple like,

  • Privacy Policy, About us, Contact us, Terms and conditions pages.
  • At least 20 Posts of 300 words each. NO copyrighted content
  • No worry if you have no traffic. You can get approval with zero traffic.
  • You must submit your website in google search console and google analytics. Submit XML sitemaps in google search console.
  • If you have done all these things, you are ready to apply for Adsense.
  • After apply, sometimes google approve your blog withing 24 Hours, and some it takes time to review your site. At least wait for 14 days for its approval. I have got my approval in just 24 hours.

Basic Requirments for Adsense Approval | If you like this information and want to ask any question comment below I will reply to you as soon as possible Thank You!

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