Kurulus Osman | The Founder of Ottoman Empire

Kurulus Osman

The Founder of Ottoman Empire Kurulus Osman I, also known as Osman Ghazi ruler of a Turkmen State in north-western Anatolia who is known as the founder of the Ottoman Turkish state. He was born in the town of Sogut in 1258.He was son of Ertugrul Ghazi (Dirilis Ertugrul) and Halima Sultan. He was only 23 years old when … Read more

Dirilis Ertugrul TV show Seasons and Episodes – Watch HD with English-Urdu Subtitles

Dirilis Ertugrul All Seasons with English Dubbing

Dirilis Ertugrul TV show Dirilis Ertugrul TV show – Ertugrul a Muslim Hero of the 13th century was the son of Suleman Shah who was the leader of Tribe called Kayi Tribe.  Kayi tribe was very famous for its soldiers to fight in battles. In the 1st season, the Kayi tribe was in a fight with … Read more

Why, How and When did Britain Join the EU? A Short Story

England left European union

You probably haven’t heard but Britain voted to leave the European Union. Now we’re going to avoid that argument like it’s the plague and instead ask the question Why did Britain join the EU first? Why did Britain join the EU first? In 1961 Britain applied to join EU First of all when Britain made … Read more

Singapore separation from Malaysia-How did Singapore separate from Malaysia?


Singapore separation from Malaysia It’s not often that territories are kicked out of countries. Most nations will often go to great lengths to make sure that they keep hold of as much land and as many people as humanly possible. Singapore separation from Malaysia begins Yet in 1965 this very thing happened to Singapore when … Read more

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