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By | May 27, 2020

Niche research you can find a lot of material about how to select and analyze the niche, so I’m not going to cover all the details here. I just want to say that I’m a fan of the narrow-scale, multi-product series of common topics. Always consider ‘dance’ and choose something that your grace can’t get out of the street. And make sure your product appeals to buyers, something nice, cool, and unique. Or just go to AliExpress and find cool and unique things. A little research will help you get some great ideas for your store. | Useful Techniques for Dropshipping

When I searched on AliExpress, I completed this product Solar Charging Backpack Men Businessmen laptop bag

Useful Techniques for Dropshipping

It gave me the idea of building a solar power store. I don’t know if I’m on the right track or not, and if this power can be useful to me, but I think it’s worth trying. Suppliers and products here is the supplier I have selected for my store.

I would recommend working with 1-2 primary suppliers. For some, it’s not an easy trick, but if you have the possibility, try to focus on a good supplier that will make your store work. It brings the following benefits:
If someone orders you several items at the same time, your supplier will send everything in one package.

One is very easy to develop and promote business relationships with one supplier. Packages you can ask your supplier for your packages (stockers, flyers, etc.) for branding: All product specifications and product pictures are created in the same way, so any product you sell in your store will look great and professional.

When you look for a good supplier, pay attention to the year leading to the supplier, it’s ranking, the number of followers, and the number of positive reviews in the last 6 months.

Useful Techniques for Dropshipping

The parameters of the “number of followers” are often considered low, but according to my experience, a large number of followers generally mean that this supplier has good quality products, detailed item specifications, faster shipping, and very few negative reviews. If you are interested in how many followers or reviews of good suppliers should be, select only several large suppliers in your power, compare their figures, and select the best.

When you choose your primary supplier, consider other things too: 1. Explain good product only from my supplier see this product:
The pictures and the details are really good and look professional. You just need to modify the title and remove the first icon from the description. You will have enough time to deal with a supplier that has a detailed product description.

I have just imported a site on my site and modified its title. Just so much! All the rest of the details are okay!

Shipping Time and International Warehouses

As we can see, my supplier has many warehouses (including us-based), free shipping, and fast delivery:

  • China – 20-25 days with free shipping
  • USA – 4-7 days with free shipping
  • Germany – 4-7 days with free shipping
  • Spain – 4-7 days with free shipping
  • Australia – 4-7 days with free shipping
  • Russia – 4-7 days with free shipping

So, with speed and free shipping in the United States I can cover almost all of Europe and even Australia. Perfect for drop shopping!

Prices Determination

Determine prices for products that are sold slightly more than your supplier and compare prices to Amazon. My supplier prices are more competitive than Amazon’s prices on items like. Furthermore, my supplier sends products within the United States faster than many Amazon suppliers who offer the same products! | Useful Techniques for Dropshipping

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