First Vertical Forest in China – Vertical Forest Towers in Nanjing, China

By | July 28, 2020

As we all know about climate change, its effects on humans and other living things. We can try to protect our environment from this climate change. That’s the reason Chinese people take it seriously and made great efforts to help the environment by making vertical forests that will give 60KG oxygen in one day. | Vertical Forest in china

Vertical Forest

This includes 1000+ trees and 2500 shrubs of 23 different kinds of local species. These towers are known as Nanjing Towers designed by Stefano Boeri having height about 656ft to 352ft. They will not only be a forest but also a museum, school, offices, hotels, rooftop clubs, etc…

The designer Stefano Boeri is the Italian architect and completion done in 2019 probably.

There is also a similar tower in Switzerland. The project looks great and the idea is also amazing. As the countries trying to get closer to nature and forest.

Vertical Forest

There are also two forested towers in Milan, Itlay known as Bosco Verticale. There are more green verticle forests to come in the future. | Vertical Forest in china

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