Helpful and Constructive Walking guide and Techniques

By | May 22, 2020

Consult your physician before starting a regular exercise program. | Helpful and Constructive Walking guide


Starting with 10 minutes per day in the first three weeks, try walking at a speed of 3 to 3.5 miles per hour (walking one mile in 17-20 minutes). Gradually add you to the running time of 5 minutes per week until you can walk 30 minutes, six days a week.


If you are already in a better condition, start at this level. If not, you can continue here after about a month of the “Bagner” program. Achieving 3.5 to 4.5 miles per hour (13-15 minutes per mile), 3 hl (45 minutes) walking 3-5 times per week. If you know you can’t move fast, add the distance you walk instead.


If you are already walking fitness and/or in the best condition, do the following:

  • Walk/Hack with 10-15 pound bag
  • Add your permanent climb/down and run stairs
  • Walking on the beach? Sand will increase your intensity level
  • Use 2-3 pounds of hand weight and continue your arm swing motion
  • Try race walking (5-9 miles per hour). There are many local organizations and competitions you can join.

Fitness walking techniques

The proper walking technique can make your exercise more effective and fun while helping to prevent injuries. | Helpful and Constructive Walking guide


Keep your head straight, keep looking forward. Your thumb should be in a neutral position, not high on your chest. Your shoulders are back and comfortably, not much is lost.

Foot Placement: Place your feet near the thought line in the middle of the floor in front of you (follow the lines on the track).

Detecting the length of the sequence: Stand straight, slightly detached from the legs, tilting towards the ankles (like his jumper). Move your weight forward and as soon as you do, put your right foot in front of you and hold yourself before you come forward. This is your length. Regardless of the type of walking you should maintain the same length (walking – 3 miles per hour; fast/fitness walking – 4 miles per hour: race walking – 5 miles per hour

Strengthening: Always keep at least one foot on the ground. After you have the ball on your foot, the heel first strikes the ground and ends with a strong foot with the fingers. Focus on the hurry rather than the long long floor. Avoid the ground with your feet and focus on smoothing the motion.

Arm Swing: This makes your body exercise. You will burn 5-10 lbs extra calories. Let your arms bend in the knee, and with your feet, they swing their feet from your waist to the front of your chest. Your hands get right below the level of the stick. Your arms should brush your coals to advance your progress.

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