Top 10 Universities of Asia QS Ranking 2020

By | February 10, 2020

Asia QS Ranking 2020

According to QS Ranking, 2020 following universities are ranked as top 10 universities in Asia. Asia QS Ranking 2020 – The QS ranking is based on many indicators and performances like its Academic Reputation , Employer Reputation , International Research Network , International faculty , Student to faculty ratio , staff with PhD , International students , Outbound and Inbound exchange students like that..

So , Lets discuss from 1st to 10th and Top ranked universities in Asia.  

10. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

It’s a Public sector university of Hong Kong SAR , located in Shatin. The university established in 1963 . It has very comprehensive research network with very High research Output. Its rank as Global World ranking is #46. Its academic staff or faculty is 2,224 . More than 18,000 students study here .

9. KAIST- Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

The university was founded in 1971. It is Public sector university of South Korea . It was first research based Science and Engineering institution of South Korea. Its research output is very High. The university grow very rapidly in very short period of time .  Its global or world ranking #41. It has  9, 786 enrolled students. The number of academic staff or faculty is 1,269.

8. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

The university established in 1991. It is top research institute , a International Research University with very high research network and output. The research fields are science , Engineering ,Technology , management and Business Studies . It is Public sector university in Hong Kong. Its is located at Clear water Bay Kowloon Hong Kong. In world ranking of 2020 , it has attained #32 position . Ten thousand students and more than 1200 faculty members belong to this university.

7. Fudan University

This is also Public sector university in China Mainland . It was established in 1905 . It is highly reputed and most known institute in China for undergraduate studies . It has 17 schools and 69 departments of teachings. More than 40,000 students study here . It has wide research network with reputed universities of Europe and others. Its global ranking is #40.

6. Zhejiang University

It is one of the best education university for higher studies. Its was founded in 1897 . It is located in Hangzhou . More than 50,000 students study in the university . A public sector university in China Mainland . Its current global ranking is #54.

5. Peking University

It is one of the oldest university in China .  It has been ranked many times as Top academic institution in china . It has very cultural and historical reputation as it play many roles in cultural and other movements in history. It has 30 colleges and 12 departments . The strength of students is more than 40,000. Its global ranking is #22.

4. Tsinghua University

Established in 1911 , A public sector university in China . Its global ranking is #16. More than 40,000 students are enrolled . It has been ranked top many times since 2015 .  Current President of China Mr. Xi Jinping is a famous alumni of this university , who graduated in Chemical Engineering in 1979. It has 20 schools and 57 departments with wide range of subjects .

3. University of Hong Kong (HKU)

A public sector university of Hong Kong SAR . It is one of the oldest institution. It has comprehensive research background . It has 99.4% employment rate.  Its subjects placed as top in worldwide . Its global ranking is #25.

2. Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

It is the 2nd top ranked university of Asia . It is public sector university of Singapore. It has been ranked top many times by QS ranking . Its global ranking is #11 . More than 33,000 students study here in different fields and departments including medical school.

1. National University Singapore (NUS)

NUS is ranked as Number 1st  university of Asia.  It is the leading institution in Asia . More than 38,000 students from 100 countries are getting education from NUS. Its has 17 Schools . It is also ranked as #11 position by QS ranking in world ranking 2020. Its  has research network  and comprehensive research output from Asian perspective .

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