4 Important functions of HRM | Human Resource Management

By | March 11, 2020

There are 4 Important functions of HRM | Human Resource Management. But before going to the functions of Human Resource Management . we should have an idea about basic functions of management There are four functions of Management which are

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Controlling
  • Leadership

Planning is first and basic function of Management which describe the strategies of an organization to achieve its goals. Organizing is related to structure of organizations and operations . It provide the roadmap for working and operations of an organization. Controlling is about the supervising the staff and employees as well as the whole system to ensure the safety and betterment. Leadership is interpersonal influence directed through communication for the accomplishment of goals. Leadership role is to motivate the people which are working with you. Hence motivation and leadership strategies help to achieve the goals.

Functions of HRM

Those were the functions of management . Now we will understand the functions of Human Resource Management. Human Resource management is closely related to organizing function of management. Organizing is about the structure of an organization that which departments and activities are performed in an organization or business . These activities are performed by humans. So, HRM is concerns with the organizing function of management

Human Resource Management is done to become efficient and effective to achieve the goals . There are four major functions of Human Resource Department.

  • Staffing
  • Training and development
  • Motivation
  • Retention or Maintenance

1) Staffing

Staffing is all about hiring people . It includes recruitment , short listing , interviewing and selection. To reach the appropriate people and selection of best people from those . There are three basic things are required for any job which are KSA ( Knowledge , Skills , Abilities) . There are many tasks in staffing like Job analysis , Job description , Recruitment , Job design etc..

2) Training and Development

Training is about preparing the people for the job . It has further four levels which are given below

  • Employee Training
  • Employee development
  • Organization Development
  • Career Development

Employee Training is to train the selected person for the current job . To train him about his job. Employee Development is done for future oriented purposes. Organization Development training help to develop the whole organization.

Career development training is when human do excellent work and help the organization to achieve its goals this will make him special and he can improve the designation in the field . This will also give boom to his economic conditions .

3) Motivation

Motivation means extra energy. If organization make the job design enjoyable and easy for the people they will work happily. If they were forced to work all the time on one specific thing , they will get bored. Therefore , it is important function of HR department to motivate people by job designing or by giving them compliments to their efforts , by giving them incentives . Make them feel that they are valuable assets for organization. So , motivation is important aspect of human resource management.

4) Retention or Maintenance

Maintenance is catharsis means to keep the people , to retain the people . This will happen when you communicate with your employees . Listen their opinions and solve their problems and complaints . If you do not do this , people will leave you. So ,make your environment friendly with the employees . Don’t shout at the people , don’t insult them if they demand comfortable work place . For example , if AC is not working , try to arrange the air conditioner for employees . So ,this is responsibility of organization to maintain the people to work on for long time with you. | 4 Important functions of HRM

These were the basic concepts and brief introduction of functions of Human Resource Management. For You can also study these functions in detailed on this website . Stay with us! Thank You

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