Introduction to e-Banking – List of e-Banking services

By | May 5, 2020

Introduction to e-Banking:

It has many names like Digital banking, e-banking, virtual banking, Electronic banking, online banking, or internet banking. Basically it is the use of telecommunications and electronic networks for providing different types of banking or financial products and e-Banking services. Customers can access his account and do many financial transections using Digital platforms such as apps or banking websites.

List of e-banking Services

1.Payment of Bills

Every bank has connections with different types of utility companies, service providers, insurance companies, international payment gateways, etc. across the country. The banks can use these different offers for online payment of bills (telephone, Internet bills, mobile phone, etc..)

2.Funds transfer/Exchange

A client can move assets from his record to another with a similar bank or indeed, even an alternate bank. He needs to sign in to his account, determine the payee’s name, account number, his bank, and branch alongside the move sum. The exchange is affected inside a day or something like that.

3.Investment of Funds

Through electronic banking, a client can open a fixed store with the bank on the web through assets move. Further, if a client has a Demat account and a connected bank record and exchanging account, he can purchase or sell shares online as well. Furthermore, a few banks permit clients to buy and reclaim common reserve units from their on the web stages too.

4.Shopping facility

With an e-banking administration, a client can buy merchandise or administrations on the web and furthermore pay for them utilizing his record. Shopping at his fingertips.

5.Credit card / Debit Card services

With Internet banking, clients can not just take care of their Visa tabs on the web yet additionally get an advance on their cards. On the off chance that you lose your charge card, you can report lost cards on the web.

6.Balance recharge/ Checking account balance

Presently simply top-up your prepaid versatile cards by signing in to Internet banking. By just choosing your administrator’s name, entering your portable number, and the sum for energizing, your telephone is again back in real life inside a few minutes. Also, you can check your account balance online.

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