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Bank and Customer relationship | Rights and duties of Bank and Customer

Bank and Customer relationship Here are the Bank and customer relationship. How Bank customer relationship management is performed. Bank The bank is defined as “Accepting for the purpose of lending or investment of deposit, of money from the customers and repayable to customers on-demand or otherwise and withdraws money by checks, drafts order or otherwise.… Read More »

Top Future Technological Inventions from 2020 to 2050

Here are the 5 upcoming Top future Technological inventions and inventions which are one’s tested and will be available between 2020 to 2050. The innovations in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering are happening very rapidly. Many gadgets and technologies like robots and machines to make the future more advance. Future Technological Inventions 1) Electric Flying taxi… Read More »

What is Bill Discounting and Factoring? Briefly explained with an example

Bill discounting and factoring is related to bills or invoice of a seller and a buyer when buyer purchase goods on credit from the seller. These are also known as Invoice discounting vs factoring. Bill discounting facility is available in many countries. Let’s discuss Bill discounting vs factoring Bill Discounting First of all, we will… Read More »

Financial Statements of Banks – Reviewed financial statement- Financial statement analysis of banks

Financial Statements of Banks There are three financial statements of commercial banks that are discussed here; Balance sheet, Income Statement, and cash flow statement. These statements of commercial banks are briefly discussed and easily understandable ; Balance Sheet The balance sheet of any business or company tells the current position of that business or company.… Read More »

What is Islamic Banking? Basic Terms and Concepts, Functions and Rules

What is Islamic Banking? Islamic Banking is based on the Islamic principles of trade and finance. It endorses on interest-free debt and denies effortless profit as it is regarded as Premium or interest and curse in Islam.Islamic banking in USA. Following are some basic concepts of Islamic Banking system; Murabaha:     The Murabaha is the buying… Read More »