What are Networking Devices ? Types of Networking devices

By | January 30, 2020

Types of Networking devices

The devices are used to connect networks. When computer networks grow in size and complexity So, They become the need of these networking devices. Types of Networking devices or The most commonly used Networking devices are ;

  1. Repeaters
  2. Hubs
  3. Bridges
  4. Routers

The purpose of networking devices is to connect network by using nodes , these devices provide more nodes for the systems to be connected. In this way , these devices extend the network over the long distance and localize the networks. These devices can merge the existing networks and these are also helpful to diagnosed the problems by isolating the system.


Repeaters are present in physical layer of OSI Model . It can be solution if there is two problems exist. When cable length becomes longer then signals becomes more weak and Deteriorated. Then we use these repeaters , repeaters retransmit the signal and sends it towards destination.

Repeater has disadvantage that when data reached at one port of the repeater it can go to other ports whether it should go or not.


The multi-port repeaters known as hubs. These are very common devices. It serves as center as we see in star Topology. Hub is generally known as multi-port repeater or Ethernet or constructor. Hub and repeater can face the problem of traffic collision , these devices are non-filtering devices.

What are Networking Devices ? Types of Networking devices


Bridge can be used to solve the problem of traffic collision and signal strength . Bridge minimize the chances of traffic collision and eliminates the unnecessary traffic by dividing the network into segments. Bridge passes the packets between two networks.

It is more accurate than hub. The bridges operate in Data link layer. It is useful when the traffic between two segments is not too much. When the traffic between two segments become heavy then Bridge can slow down the communication.


Router is another type of networking device. It transfer the data packets between level three layer called Network layer . Router make very intelligent decisions and it provide the best path for the delivery of data on the network.

It performs following functions;

  • Path Determination
  • Path Communication
  • Addressing Network and Node

The router can solve the problems of heavy traffic . It is different from bridges in term of using network addresses. Routers are used to connect more than two networks , every network has unique and specific network number 

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