Thought Leadership: Becoming an InfluentialIndustry Expert

View Post Want to establish your authority on cutting-edge topics? Practicing thought leadership can boost your career or business. Let’s explore best practices for positioning yourself as a forward-thinking leader that audiences value. What is Thought Leadership? Thought leadership refers to educating audiences by creating original perspectives and visionary ideas on complex issues they care… Read More »

Investigative Journalism: Exposing the Truth

Investigative journalism plays a crucial role in democratic societies by bringing hidden information to light. Let’s explore what it involves and why it matters. What is Investigative Journalism? Investigative journalism digs deep to uncover facts that people in power wish to keep secret. n Reporters spend weeks, months or years relentlessly gathering documents, data and… Read More »

News Reporting and the Law: Understanding Legal Rights and Responsibilities

Reporting the news serves democracy by informing citizens. But it risks harming privacy. Let’s review key laws balancing press freedoms with ethical obligations. Constitutional Protections The First Amendment guarantees freedoms of speech and the press in America. It allows journalists to publish information without government censorship or restraint beforehand (prior restraint). Courts tolerate some after-the-fact… Read More »

Demystifying AI: A Basic Guide to ArtificialIntelligence Concepts

Artificial intelligence powers more technologies than ever, from chat bots to self-driving cars But how does it work? Let’s decode the key terms machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial intelligence or AI refers to computer systems that can perform tasks that typically must human intelligence. This includes activities like… Read More »

Understanding the Downsides of 5G Networks

You’ve likely heard about 5G wireless technology. It promises much faster speeds for our phones and devices. But some health and environmental concerns are being raised. Let’s look at the science around possible 5G risks. What is 5G? 5G, or fifth generation, is the newest cellular network technology that is replacing 4G. 5G delivers data… Read More »