Basic concepts and perspectives of HRM and Management, Definition, History

Human Resource Management

Word Management and Business are used interchangeably.  Human Resource Management is an important aspect of a business or organization’s management. We can define the word Management as “The art of getting the things done efficiently and effectively is called management.” How management subject or concept came into being in this world? Why Human Resource Management … Read more

List of Pakistani Airlines- Functional and Defunct airlines

Airlines of Pakistan

If you don’t know how many airlines are there in Pakistan . Then this information will clear your misconceptions and provide you brief introduction to airlines of Pakistan whether private or national . First of all I will show you the functional airlines of Pakistan currently in operations around the globe.  There are only three … Read more

Information System IS – Security Objective and Threat Identification Explained

Business Model Information System and Security

The information system basically is the collection of applications. These applications are integrated applications about the front end, back end, data base or trackers etc. It is the asset of a company or an organization that is used to increase the profit and efficiency. Here we will discuss the security objective and threat identification. Integrated … Read more

Top 10 Universities of Asia QS Ranking 2020

Prime Watches

Asia QS Ranking 2020 According to QS Ranking, 2020 following universities are ranked as top 10 universities in Asia. Asia QS Ranking 2020 – The QS ranking is based on many indicators and performances like its Academic Reputation , Employer Reputation , International Research Network , International faculty , Student to faculty ratio , staff … Read more

Biggest Military Base Location in the World – Who’s there ?

World Biggest Military Base

Biggest Military Base Biggest Military Base – There’s a tiny country on the edge of Africa that everyone wants a piece of . They don’t have oil, No gold and they ain’t got money. But it’s got prime-time location. I’m talking about none other than Djibouti. You probably haven’t heard of it so I’m gonna … Read more

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